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Purple star sapphire, diamond and 18 carat white gold ring

(Code: 12198 )

A purple star sapphire, diamond and 18 carat white gold cluster ring.  The plum-coloured cabochon sapphire exhibits a well-defined six-pointed star.  It is claw set in 18 carat pink gold within a border of brilliant cut diamonds set in white gold above a wire work gallery and a plain hoop.  The sapphire weighs 5.95 carats and the total diamond weight is 0.46 carats.

This sapphire possesses a very specific and distinctive natural optical phenomenon known as ‘asterism’.  Within the body of some sapphires and rubies are naturally occurring clusters of tiny needles of a mineral called rutile which reflect the light and appear as a fine silky sheen.   When the needles are orientated at specific angles to each other they can cause a multi-rayed star-like formation to be revealed which appears to float across the surface of the stone when viewed under a direct light source.  A star stone is always cut ‘en cabochon’.