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9 carat gold Sagittarius pendant by Paul Vincze

(Code: 11506 )

A Zodiac pendant designed by Paul Vincze depicting the Sagittarius Archer symbol. Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the Zodiac, one of the Fire signs and runs from 22nd November to 21st December. This pendant is in 9 carat yellow gold and is 16 mm diameter. As with all the other Zodiac signs, this is also available in silver and in 16 mm, 22 mm  and 32 mm diameters.

It is also available in 18 carat yellow or white gold, or platinum to special order.  Please contact us for prices.

Prices do not include chains.  We always have a selection of chains in stock.

16 mm £380 22 mm £650 in 9 carat yellow gold