Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin is one of Italy’s leading jewellery designers – at the forefront of both concept and creation.  All he produces must remain true to his underlying belief in ‘the art of being unique’.

All Roberto Coin’s jewellery bears his exclusive signature of a single tiny ruby hidden on the inside of each piece.  The ruby has since ancient times been considered to be eternal, and to possess the mystical power to impart the blessing of a long, healthy and happy life to its wearer, if worn in contact with the skin

Cento Diamonds

Roberto Coin took on the challenge of how to make the diamond – perhaps the most symbolic of all our precious stones and certainly one of Nature’s greatest masterpieces – even more exceptional, even more magical.  The result is the enchanting ‘Cento’ diamond cut with one hundred facets, nearly twice as many facets as a traditional round brilliant cut which produces a stone of incomparable brilliance – the world’s brightest diamond – Roberto Coin’s masterpiece.