‘There are magical moments in history when art, design and architecture reached exceptionally high points, following which ‘improvement’ has been elusive.  In the art of jewellery design, Masriera’s works, at the beginning of the Art Nouveau period, was one such moment’….

A visit to the Paris Exposition in 1900 led to a chance meeting between the high priest of Art Nouveau Rene Lalique and the third-generation jeweller and artist from Barcelona, Lluis Masriera. Lalique’s genius was to inspire the young Masriera to become the greatest jeweller of the Catalan Art Nouveau or Modernisme Movement.  He returned to his native Barcelona where he went on to develop an extraordinary archive of over three thousand designs for jewels ‘full of life, works full of art’, a veritable magic forest of fantasy and symbolism filled with winged nymphs, dragonflies and flowers, creations of the finest translucent ‘plique à jour’ and opaque ‘basse taille’ enamel, gold and gemstones.  Today, the company carries on the production of these pieces – surely there is no other name in the world of jewellery that can boast of having produced Art Nouveau jewellery continuously for over one hundred years, using the original designs and tooling, faithful to Masriera’s original enamel colours.  They are truly not so much jewels as miniature works of art.

Furr & Company is the only stockist of Masriera in the United Kingdom

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