Deakin & Francis

Furr & Co have a fine collection of gold and silver cufflinks, many made for us by Deakin & Francis. There can be few other British companies as steeped in the history and traditions of fine craftsmanship.  Founded in 1786, this family business is now in its seventh generation and run by James and Henry Deakin.   They continue to produce some of the finest handmade cufflinks in the world from their workshops in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Since the 18th century, gentlemens’ double cuffs have been secured with cufflinks, a much more practical solution than the ribbons or laces that had been used before.  They are the perfect jewellery accessory for a man, be he fashion-conscious or more of a traditionalist.  While many men prefer to bask in their lady’s reflected glory, they can still choose to  ‘shoot their cuffs’ with great effect with a pair of well-chosen cufflinks to suit the occasion – be they contemporary, classic, jewelled or purely whimsical, in silver, gold or platinum.    Cufflinks are not confined to men – a beautifully tailored lady’s shirt will only look complete when worn with a pair of cufflinks – indeed some of the smaller round cufflinks in our collection date back to the Edwardian period and were designed for ladies’ shirts.

Hand-enamelled silver and gold cufflinks

Deakin & Francis specialise in the highly-skilled art of ‘vitreous’ hand enamelling using ground glass powders and multiple firings, which produce final colours of great purity and depth.  The application of vitreous enamel requires much patience – all the processes are done by hand and eye using methods largely unchanged in 2,000 years.  Great care must be taken as any impurity in the enamel, on the metal or mixing of the colours will lead to failure.  The application of different colours into their separate divisions or ‘cloisons’ must be done without a single grain of colour  spilling into the adjoining cloisons, otherwise the piece will be ruined.  Our silver and enamelled cufflinks start from £215DeakinAndFrancis_crest_black_aw copy